Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern – 1080

Otto Gruber (Gianni Garko) runs a hotel in the Tyrolean Alps and struggles to make ends meet. On a “business trip” to Stockholm to escape his shrewish wife Olga he and his good friend Alois (Alexander Grill) discover a trio of young promiscuous Swedish women who will ultimately save Otto’s business from bankruptcy. Lots of slapstick humor, beer drinking and wall-to-wall nudity. Filmed by director of Summer Night Fever movie

The owner of the hotel Otto is in despair – for the debts he will take his hotel. Together with his friend Aloys he goes to Stockholm to the international exhibition hotel business., to get the money. They meet three lively Swede, who then come in upper Bavaria. In the 70s film about swedish were among the most popular tapes soft porn”. All films in this series a lot of erotic scenes and rough humor.
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