Lisa Pinelli, Rubi Rico – Old and young lesbians Lisa Pinelli and Rubi Rico finally spend the nig…

Lisa Pinelli (45) & Rubi Rico (EU) (23) – Old and young lesbians Lisa Pinelli and Rubi Rico finally spend the nigh together 1080p

Release Year: 2021-05-07
Cast: Lisa Pinelli, Rubi Rico
Genres: Redhead, Old, Big tits, Brunette, Small tits, Masturbation, Shaved, Beautiful, Lesbian, MILF

Mommy Lisa and her daughter Rubi slept sweetly together. Rubi woke up and kissed the woman’s leg and went to the bathroom. There she undressed, caressing her body and began to bathe in the shower. Because of this noise, Mom woke up and joined her daughter. They kissed hotly, then Lisa slowly descending and caressed the body of a young girl, reaching her pussy, began to lick with her tongue, Rubi moaned with pleasure. After playing with each other, they moved to the bed and continued their sexual play. Lisa sat down on her daughter’s face and she passionately dug into her pussy. They changed position to 69, moaning and caressing their pussies, but now Rubi was on top. Then mommy lay down and the daughter continued to bring her pleasure, with her playful tongue, not forgetting to herself fiddling with her pussy with her hand. After a while, her hand reached Mom. Rubi kissed Lisa’s big breasts and fucked her cunt with her fingers. The woman got hers, now it’s her daughter’s turn. Rubi lay down and Lisa licked it, and then also fucked her girl’s pussy with her hand, kissing her hotly. They sat down in front of each other, merged with their pussies and finished together, in the end they kissed passionately.

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