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Roxy 1080p

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Roxy
Genres: Gonzo Hardcore Couples All Sex

Today we have Roxy returning for her much anticipated pussy pounding from Jake. You see last time on the ExCoGi bed our little Roxy had a sore pussy or some shit like that, so we talked her into her first ever anal and what an analing it was. And even though Roxy had an anal-cleaning of a good time with Jake for her first go around with us, she was still a little disappointed to hear how her BFF Tasha’s box got the oh-so-good pounded by the maestro himself and she just wanted some herself. So like any good host we just had to have her back to show her and that tight little pink box of hers a good manhandling and today starts off at the airport. And yes, Roxy gets this time what she so desperately missed her first trip here, and according to Jake this girl’s mouth and pussy are pure magic. It’s so magical in fact that Jake just had to take them on a magical carpet ride and what a ride it was. The magic wand even made an appearance and Roxy was treated to several of her record-breaking orgasms of the day on the way back to the condo. I have to say this scene is also almost 2 hours long and I still don’t understand why it’s so long myself because the action starts right in and its chalk full of hot as fuck sex that doesn’t quit. But like anything, too much of a good thing is never enough right? So if you’re complaining this video is too long, I’ll also bet you’re the type of ass-wipe that complains that your steak’s too big. Am I right? So anyways like I was saying, once back at the condo this scene gets right to business and Jake wastes no time getting Roxy naked and shoves his cock down her throat. There’s plenty of cunilingus and phalacio as an appetizer to get your mood right, followed by a second course of multiple squirting and some light, followed by plenty of heavy deep-throating. The third and fourth courses of our “too large of a steak dinner” is an over sized plate of choking, ass slapping and extra pussy pounding. I’ll have more of that please Roxy begs and there’s a whole bunch of other fun shit packed in this one that didn’t happen her first time around. So don’t complain this video’s too long everyone. Just scrub forwards to the parts you like because there’s plenty to like in this all you can eat buffet scene. I’m serious, you’re all going to enjoy your over sized, dripping with juiciness and grilled to perfection fresh meat I’m telling you. Because this is Roxy’s third and last sex ever on camera as well. So let’s all give thanks so we can thoroughly enjoy it like it’s your last meal

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